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SewTechnical now offers repair and refurbishing of Singer hemstitch machines. Please contact us for details.
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Since the 1930's, the highest quality sewing machines that have ever been produced have come to us from Switzerland and Germany.  Even machines such as the Bernina 117L made in 1938 are considered high quality by today's standards and in many ways are far superior to sewing machines manufactured today. A Swiss or German made sewing machine could be expected to provide reliable service for several generations of sewers and quilters.

Those days are gone.

Today we live in a world of planned product obsolescence.  Since 1990, manufacturers have been designing products for a shorter service life.  These new methods, reduces their manufacturing costs and ensures a continued steady market for new products as a matter of survival.  The upside for the consumer is a continued flow of new ideas and but the downside is that new products are now less reliable over the long run and repairs are more expensive due to computerization and electromechanical failure. Additionally, if one were to consider the possibility of our current economic downturn and the potential failure of domestic economies, high-tech gizmos look less and less attractive.  

What about that old Bernina you haven't used in years?

Swiss made sewing machines manufactured prior to 1990 can still provide many years of reliable, high quality sewing operation…IF they are in proper adjustment, and IF replacement parts can be found to repair them.  

The challenge today for owners of older Bernina machines is to find dealers that still know how to work on these vintage machines, and can still get parts for them.  You may have heard statements such as “your machine is worn out and there are no parts available to repair them”. Well this is partially true since these machines represent competition for new machine sales, and it is true that the manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts for them.

That's where SewTechnical can help.


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